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    Helen Song

  • Hi, my name is Helen Song and I specialize in Bag and Fashion industry.

    Now I work as CEO / Founder at Mustard Seed Korea. I love working with passionate people and sharing what I've learned with them. This website is my window to the world where you can find more about me and then get in touch for a chat about potential projects.


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    Brand Introducing

    Seize your MOMent​

    The Compound word of mom and moment which stands for Seize your precious mom’s moment with your baby

    Brand Introducing

    We make a multipurpose baby bag for trendy moms. We both satisfies the needs of multi-function storage and modern fashion styling.

    Mom of 2, 10 years experience in product merchandising and marketing working with 30 years career manufacturer.



    Most diaper bags are not fit to a fashionable mom’s styling because of this reason many moms use their bag rather than a diaper bag, then outer is ok, but inside, all things are mixed and it causes problem taking out stuff from a bag.


    We suggest various kind of diaper bag relate to the various needs of moms. We developed ‘baby bag in bag’ for the first time in Korea for moms who want to bring their bag. We use flexible and light fabrics with several pockets so it’s easy to put in your bag and hard to recognize that another bag is inside. Back packs and shoulder bags are also prepared. Our product differentiation is the concept that is modern and trendy so we express this concept by Black color and Metal materials that is hardly used in diaper bag but women really love.

    Market Validation / Size

    The world’s diaper bag’s market size is more than 30 billion$. Also premium baby product was selected to the world most promising item in USA and China. China's baby market size is about 250 billion dollars now but the abolition of one child policy it will be doubled in 2020. But in china awareness of diaper bag is low so the chances are pretty big. South east Asia and Middle east’s number of annual birth is keep growing. The World standard portion of infant is about 9% but in Vietnam 19%. In middle east especially Iran, 20th~30th population portion is more than 50%. They are all our customers.


    Our competitors are all of diaper bag brands especially mid price premium brands.

    They also focus on stylish design and multi storage however they missed the weight and detail storage functions such as waterproof pocket, refrigerator section and mom only space.

    We studied their weak points and make it our strong points.

    Go to Market Strategy

    1.Premium Product by Craftsmanship

    2.Modern Trendy Design

    3.Functionality (weight, various storage spaces, cooler bag)

    Business Model

    Traditional Manufacturing Model

    Under 35% manufacturing Rates

    Fixed rate for reinvest

    Under 28% S&A Expenses

    Financials / Capital Raise, Use of Funds

    At the initiatory stage. (~2017)

    ▶ Increase Cap. By organic growth.

    At the secondary stage. (2018~2019)

    ▶ Increase Cap. By Invested

    Future Raise

    Wearable Iot Technology

    We are laying plans for a combination of Wearable Iot technology with our products.

    In the near future, with cooperation of Iot companies We would like to make a bag that tells customers to know what they forget to bring.

    It will helpful to customers who have difficulties in memorize. You will use our bag as your secretary.


    CEO / Founder


    Mustard Seed company sells bag.
    MSTRD and moment are our brands
    MSTRD for trendy young people, moment for fashionable moms.
    "Organize your life, Seize your MOMent!"